Yili Ei (嬰 椅麗, Ei Yi Li) is an executive of the Chinese Mafia of the Western District on the Artificial Island.

She is the daughter of Ei daren and his British mistress. She kills her father after she learns that he has been colluding with Ginga Kanashima.

Yili is a fairly icy individual; however, it is hinted that she has a soft spot for Seiichi Kugi, with whom she pretended to be in a relationship with for five years.

Appearance Edit

Yili has black hair pulled back into a thin ponytail, and wears a qipao that is completely white save for the blood-red breast. Her fair skin and blue eyes (from her white mother) set her apart from her fellow executives.

Her half-brother Lihuang Ei has used her blue eyes as a racial, derogatory means of insulting her.

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Trivia Edit

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