Sherlock Liverpool (シャーロック・リバプール, Shārokku Ribapūru) is a half-American, half-British young man who supports his sister Charlotte Liverpool by doing part-time work and leaking information to both the Western and Eastern Districts, during which time he is contacted by Spring-Heeled Joplin. He subsequently becomes a Joplin himself.

Eventually Ginga Kanashima gets into contact with him, and he forces Sherlock to cooperate with him (or else he will harm Charlotte). Sherlock makes a deal with Ginga: He will give Ginga his own (Sherlock's) face if Ginga promises to destroy the island. The deal is made, and Sherlock and Ginga eventually switch places.

Sherlock retreats to a small hiding space, where he resolves to stay put and never reemerge. His desire is stopped when Charlotte discovers him. He announces to Spring-Heeled Joplin his intention of distancing himself from Spring-Heeled Joplin.

He is a highly sardonic person, and cares only for Charlotte.

Appearance Edit

Sherlock is a tall young man who wears black-rimmed glasses and mostly black clothes. His hair has faint highlights, and there is a visible tattoo on his neck that seems to resemble an eye. He normally displays very little emotion on his face.

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