The Nameless Man is an ex-businessman and murderer who was killed by Lilei Ei in 2021.

He attempted to expose corruption within the company he worked for back on the mainland in Japan, but his efforts were crushed by the corporation. In retaliation, he killed several of the company's executives, culminating in the murder of his boss' daughter.

He soon flees to the Artificial Island, in order to 'continue being in the right.' There, he murders Fei (a friend of Lilei's) and becomes obsessed with Lilei herself. His self-introduction to Lilei on a rooftop is ruined when she proceeds to beat him in revenge for Fei's death, and he is thrown off the building. As he falls, he realizes that the reason he is obsessed with Lilei is because she reminds him of his ex-boss' daughter.

Right before he hits the ground, he is accidentally shot by both Seiichi Kugi and Hayato Inui, who had been in the middle of a shootout with each other.

(Sections: Personality and Chronology to be added)

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