Lihuang Ei (嬰 麗凰 Ei Lihuang) is an executive of the Chinese Mafia in the Western District, and the acting head of the family after his half-sister Yili Ei secretly disposed of their mutual father Ei daren.

Appearance Edit

Lihuang keeps his long greyish hair pulled back into a ponytail, and he has an elaborate red tattoo on his right ear and cheek. He wears a black outfit with gold trim, over which he wears a long white coat with red trim.

His stare is sharp and icy, and he usually carries his Chinese broadsword with him when he's out and about the city.

Personality Edit

He is a cold and abrasive person. He is also a highly capable killer - but only when the situation has the right 'atmosphere' - without that atmosphere, Lihuang cannot bring himself to kill others.

He has been described as a tsundere by Sherlock Liverpool in reference to his interactions with Charlotte Liverpool. His soft side is also evident in his care for his younger half-sister, Lilei Ei.

(Chronology etc. to be added)


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