Kelly Yatsufusa (ヤツフサ・ケリー Yatsufusa Kerī) is the second DJ and producer of Sōsei Airwaves (also known as Buruburu Airwaves).

When young, Kelly was sold (as one would a product) to Yatsufusa, the first producer of the radio broadcast. It was from him that she learned the tools of the trade, and from where she has adopted her loud, laughing persona.

Indeed, everything Kelly does or says - the various ways she acts, talks, looks, even her ideologies - are all imitations of people she has met over the years.

As the DJ of Buruburu Airwaves, Kelly can control the 'flow' of the island if she so chooses, influencing the islanders' emotions and thoughts with what she airs on her program.

Appearance Edit

Kelly normally wears a tattered black-and-white striped button-up shirt over a blue bikini top (the shirt is always completely unbuttoned). She usually wears a red bandanna over her blonde hair.

She is well known for her trademark blue sunglasses.

Personality Edit

Everything Kelly says or days is essentially an imitation of various personalities she has met over the years, and she can switch between said personalities on the drop of a hat.

She often speaks and acts like her old mentor Yatsufusa - a bombastic man who laughed loudly and spoke roughly (with a liberal use of profanity). On the other hand, she will slip into a sensual and charismatic personality on occasion - usually for interviews.

She freely admits she has a bias towards Sōji when it comes to matters of comparison.

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