Jun Sahara (砂原潤, Sahara Jun) is the current captain of the Guard Team in the Eastern District. She has maintained her position by cheating at the rock-paper-scissors contest every month.

She is infamous on the island for dual-wielding custom-made chainsaws.

Appearance Edit

Jun has short hair and long bangs that normally hide her eyes. She wears a black leather jacket over a thin t-shirt, and black trousers, her outfit defining her figure.

Personality Edit

To be expanded.

Ever since she was little, Jun has loved the vibrating sound and feel of engines, accounting for her fondness for her chainsaws.

Jun is normally an apologetic and timid person, but when wielding her chainsaws becomes wildly passionate and frenzied. Turning her chainsaws off results in her personality reverting.

Chronology Edit

To be revised and expanded upon.

In the summer of 2020, Jun guards Gitarin, and later defends her friend Misaki Yasojima from accusations that she (Misaki) is one of the Rats responsible for killing certaine executives around the island. She interrogates Ginga Kanashima (who is acting under the alias "Daichi Tsuchimi") and offers to protect him if he wins a rock-paper-scissors contest. Later, she intervenes when Ginga is bearing down upon Nejiro Kanata.

A few months later, Jun is caught up in the events surrounding the explosions on the Artificial Island. She investigates Charlotte and Sherlock Liverpool's involvement in the explosions and with Yakumo Amagiri, and later gives herself up to Lihuang Ei in order to protect the siblings.

Later by the massive engine, Jun is joined (supported) by the rest of the Guard Team, who fight alongside her against the Chinese Mafia. In the aftermath, she greets her colleague Nazuna Yukimura with tears of joy when she learns that Nazuna is 'safe'.

Abilities Edit

To be added.

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