The Guard Team is a group that works for the Eastern District. Members engage in various kinds of work, including mercenarial, escort, and assassination missions.

All Guard Team members are skilled enough that the process of choosing a captain occurs through a monthly arbitrary game of rock-paper-scissors. As Gitarin puts it, all the members are equally qualified to be captain, since Guard Team members are not chosen lightly.

Jun Sahara has been the captain for two years running. Her winning streak is not due to astronomical luck; Jun cheats every month by surreptitiously changing her choice when she sees her opponent's selection.

Known Members Edit

  • Jun Sahara (Captain)
  • Zhang (Lieutenant)
  • Carlos (Gunman/Sniper)
  • Nazuna Yukimura (Swordswoman)
  • Yen (Numbers Freak)
  • Mr. Gen (and his fourth-dimension armory)
  • Mohawk Gorō (Cleanup Hitter)
  • Marui (walking encyclopedia)
  • Digitalis (of the Sleeping Fist)
  • Mii (the happy drunk)
  • Lili (the S&M lady)

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