Charlotte Liverpool (シャーロット・リバプール, Shārotto Ribapūru) is a half-American half-British young woman who works as a detective at Private Eye Lizard, aided by her younger brother Sherlock Liverpool.

She has been described as one of the only decent people on the Artificial Island, perhaps due to her seemingly obliviousness to danger and the criminal world. However, it should be noted that she was able to tell that there was a masquerader posing as her brother in 2020.

When introducing herself, she often suggests that the other person call her 'Lottie' (since in Japanese, 'Charlotte' sounds similar to 'Sherlock').

Appearance Edit

Charlotte has short blond hair, and wears a plaid scarf and some sort of half-cloak over a black button-top and short plaid skirt. Her skirt and scarf appear to be the same pattern (perhaps cut from the same material).

Personality Edit

Charlotte is incredibly enthusiastic about detective work, though one might question how capable she really is at deduction. After all, she is usually (or at least, she seems to be) incredibly oblivious when it comes to sensing danger or tense atmospheres.

She likes to speak 'grandly' - or at least, she talks as if she's a wise and knowing person (her way of speaking has been described as 'faux world-weary words').

Charlotte seems to be aware on some level of her brother's complicated feelings for her. Still, she cares for him deeply, and accepts him despite his dealings with Ginga Kanashima (the masquerader).

Chronology Edit

(To be added)

Trivia Edit

  • Charlotte has an odd habit of referring to her brother only by his full name ('Sherlock Liverpool').
  • Lilei Ei finds her adorable.

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